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Add my email address to my iPhone Outlook app

To add your Professional Email address to your iPhone Outlook app, you'll need your email address and password. Having your email on your phone lets you access it easily so you can send and receive mail on the go.

  1. Tap the Outlook app icon. If this is your first time using the iPhone Outlook app, tap Get Started. If you already have an account in iPhone Outlook, tap Menu > Settings (Gear) > Add Account > Add Email Account.
    Tap Add Account icon
  2. Enter your Professional Email address and tap Add Account.
    Enter email address, tap Add Account
  3. Complete the form:
    • Password: Professional Email password
    • Display Name: Full name or busines name
    • Description: Up to you (optional field)

    Type in email details
  4. Tap Sign In, your email address should start to load. If your email doesn't load, Outlook will tell you it can't find your email account. Follow the below note to finish your email set up using your IMAP settngs.

    Note: If Outlook can't find your email address, toggle Advanced settings, do the following and then tap Sign In:

    A) Toggle Use Advanced Settings to on.
    B) IMAP Incoming Mail Server: imap.secureserver.net:993
    C) IMAP Password: Professional Email password
    D) SMTP Outgoing Mail Server: smtpout.secureserver.net:465
    E) SMTP Password: Professional Email password
    Enter IMAP and SMTP server info

  5. Once your inbox loads in Outlook, send yourself a test email from Outlook.com and respond to it from your iPhone Outlook app. This is the quickest way to confirm your email address is ready to go. Enter IMAP and SMTP server info

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