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Bidding on GoDaddy Auctions® domains

Submit offers or bid on domains with GoDaddy Auctions®. You’ll need a GoDaddy Auctions® membership to place bids on expired domains or 7-day auctions.

  • Bidding: Enter a starting bid and specify the maximum amount you want to bid for a domain. Our Proxy Bidding Service starts with $5 more than the current bid amount. Then, it’ll automatically increase your bid by the minimum bid increment required each time you're outbid, until you reach your maximum bid amount.
  • Submitting offers: Submit one offer amount per domain. The seller is immediately notified and has seven days to accept or counter your offer. A GoDaddy Auctions® membership isn’t required for submitting offers.

To place a proxy bid, bid the highest amount you’d like. The proxy will only outbid the current highest bid by the lowest bid increment possible. If that bid is then increased, your proxy bid will continue to try to outbid the other bidders until your limit is reached.

There is no special interface to enter a proxy bid. Domains that are up for proxy bids won’t have a Buy Now price or Offer option available. You'll need to bid on a traditional auction listing such as a 7-day auction or an expired auction and whoever has the highest bid at the end wins.

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