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Configure URL Targeted Attack Defense

If you want URL Targeted Attack Defense (URL Defense) to protect your email organization, you'll need to configure it.

Note: This needs to be done by an email admin for your organization.

  1. Go to the Proofpoint portal.
  2. Select the Office 365 Account button and sign in to your account.
    Select Office 365 button
  3. Select Company Settings and then URL Defense.

Once you're in the URL Defense section, the options below can be enabled or disabled. Make the changes you want, and select Save.

Setting Description
Re-write URLs that are located in DKIM signed messages

If this setting is enabled, URLs found in DKIM signed messages will be re-written.

DKIM is an email validation system designed to detect email spoofing. It provides a mechanism to allow mail systems to check that incoming mail from a domain has not been modified during transport. Many hosted mail systems today employ this technique in their email delivery process.

Note: Re-writing URLs in DKIM-signed messages can break the DKIM signature.

Re-write URLs that are not located in an anchor tag

Enabling this feature will re-write all URLs that aren’t included within an anchor tag in the source code of the email.

Note: Anchor tags are used in HTML to tell a browser or email client where to direct a user when content, such as a URL or image, is clicked. Some email clients will automatically convert the text of a domain name or URL into a clickable link when it wasn’t originally sent as a link.

Exclude URLs that contain specified domains/IP addresses

You can specify one or more domains and/or IP addresses that, when found in a message URL, will not be re-written.

All entries will need to be separated by line, comma or semi-colon.

Exclude active domains associated with this organization

Enabling this setting will prevent Proofpoint from re-writing any URLs in messages sent from domains within the Proofpoint account.

Exclude re-writing emails that are sent by specified senders

Email addresses or domains entered in this text area will not have URLs in their message re-written when sending to a customer using Advanced Email Security.

Make sure to only enter explicitly trusted email addresses or domains here.

All entries will need to be separated by line, comma or semi-colon.

Exclude re-writing bare IP addresses in plain text emails

This will prevent rewriting of IP addresses in a plain text email.

Exclude re-writing URLs in plain text emails

This will not re-write URLs contained in plain text emails.

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