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Edit your GoDaddy Auctions® listings

Add upgrades or edit your domain listing details on GoDaddy Auctions®. We limit some of the changes you can make depending on the listing type.

You won’t be able to change the asking price after someone places an offer. You also won’t be able to change your listing from an Offer/Counter-offer or Buy Now to a 7-Day Public Auction. However, if you receive an offer for an Offer/Counter-offer listing, you can convert it to a 7-day Public Auction, which uses the buyer's offer as the opening bid.

  1. Go to the GoDaddy Auctions® page and log in to your account. (Need help logging in? Find your username or password.)
    select domain
  2. From Selling List >  Selling.
  3. Select Edit on the listing you want to update.
  4. Under Listing Type, you can change your listing to Offer/Counter Offer, Offer/Counter Offer with Buy Now, or Buy Now Only.
  5. Add Listing Details: Edit any of the available fields.
    • Asking Price: Enter the minimum starting amount in USD. You must enter at least $10 or to list your domain for more than $50,000, you must use a Offer/Counter-offer or List for Sale listing type.
    • Buy Now Price: Enter the amount a buyer can immediately purchase your domain for.
    • Minimum Offer: Enter the minimum amount a buyer can offer you for the domain.
    • Category: Select the categories you want your domain listed in. You receive one free category with your listing in dropdown #1 and can purchase up to four additional categories in dropdowns #2-5.
    • Includes a Website: Select this option to include your current, live website in the sale of the domain. When selected, a link to the website displays in your listing. We don’t facilitate website content delivery.
    • Contains Adult Content: Select this option if your website contains adult content. We don’t facilitate website content delivery.
    • Description: Enter a description for the domain you’re listing. If you have traffic data for the domain, you can add it to the description.
  6. Increase Visibility: We don’t recommend editing this section on existing listings. If you’d like to use this feature on a listing, try deleting your current listing and re-listing it with this feature added.
  7. Receiving Payments: From Deposit payments to, you can select a different account to use.
  8. Agreements: Select that you have read and agree to the Universal Terms of Service Agreement, the GoDaddy Auctions® Membership Agreement, and the pricing structure for GoDaddy Auctions®.
  9. Select Finish or if you selected any upgrade options, proceed through checkout to update your listing.

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